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I am currently a PhD student of the Mathematics Münster Graduate School at Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Linus Kramer.

I am interested in group theory and will focus on sphercial buildings in my studies going forward.

In my bachelor's thesis I wrote about projections and gated sets in metrical spaces and buildings and my master's thesis was about group cubization. (Group Cubization was introduced here: Damian Osajda. Group cubization. Duke Math J., 167(6):1049 1055, 2018. With an appendix by Mikaël Pichot. )

I like group theory, because the definition of a group is very simple, easy to understand and easy to explain, but you can already get to so many elegant proofs just by looking at groups -- you don't need some huge theories and constructions in order to see the beauty of mathematics there. And this alone makes the power of logical thinking so tangible for me. I also really enjoy looking at the same object from different perspectives and try to understand it holistically by considering all the different forms in which it can show itself. Group theory oftentimes presents itself to me as this great symbiosis of geometry and algebra. The way that we are sometimes able to translate pictures into formulae and vice versa is very captivating to me.

During my bachelor's studies I was a tutor for Mathematics For Physicists III (WS16/17). During my master's studies I was a tutor for Analysis I (WS19/20) and Linear Algebra II (SS19). I am math ambassador for the Stiftung Rechnen since 2017.